Jeju Philharmonic Orchestra

제주도립제주교향악단 / Republic of Korea
Jeju Philharmonic Orchestra of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province was raised to the Philharmonic orchestra by continued effort of outstanding musicians in the province since the orchestral ensemble, which consisted of the 1st conductor named Sun Moon Lee and 50 musicians, had been found in1985. Under the 3rd conductor named In-Hyeok Jeong with his ambitious leadership and great interpreting skills of orchestral pieces, the Jeju Philharmonic Orchestra has not only accomplished remarkable performances with 70 brilliant members, but also has drawn a new astounding musical map in Jeju. The Jeju Philharmonic Orchestra performs diverse contents including the professionalism of classical pieces and popular music such as the original composition for an Opera called ‘Baengnokdam,’ the celebration for Philharmonic, Korea International Music Festival, Performing Abroad, Visiting Concerts and Summer Band Festival Jeju; moreover, they have tried to improve the musical quality with arranging Jeju folk songs, recordings and producing school songs first in Korea. In this endeavor, Jeju city has been selected as one of the best local self-governing provinces of Culture and Art, the best city to live for three years consecutively in 2001 through 2003 and awarded Korean Music Award by the Korea Music Association in 2009. Jeju Philharmonic Orchestra with Jeju receiving a high reputation as the Korean wave continuously tries to their utmost to improve the residents’ ability of cultural enjoyment and their life values through High qualified world music.
Conductor Jeong Inhyeok

Graduated from Conducting, Korean National University of Arts
Diploma, Hans-Iceler, Berlin National University of Music
Graduated from Konzertexamen, with the highest honor
2001 Selected as the best conductor in the National Conducting Camp hosted by Korea Conductor Association
Invited to Sendai Music Festival in Japan
2006 Tokyo International Music Competition Conducting Prize
2011 Awarded the 4th Korea Opera Prize Special Prize
2012 Awarded the Special Prize of Opera Division in the 1st Korean Shakespeare Awards Opera Division
Conducted various concerts, operas and oratorios with the Sendai Philharmonie in Japan, the Tokyo Philharmonic, the Japan Philharmonic, the New Japan Philharmonic, the Tokyo City Philharmonic, the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Brandenburg Orchestra and the Brandenburg State Orchestra.
Present conductor of Jeju Special Self-governing Jeju Philharmonic Orchestra